Test Drive an OCT System

Evaluate an iSeries OCT Risk-Free for 30 Days

Only available in the United States

How does the evaluation program work?

Sign up for the program with your Optovue representative and the instrument of your choice will be shipped to your practice and professionally installed at no charge to you. The system will remain in your practice for up to 30 days and your technicians will be trained to operate the system. In addition, your may choose to offer the iWellness Exam to patients during the evaluation period, which will help you make the most of this new technology as you integrate it into your practice.

What is iWellness?

The iWellness scan gives you one, easy-to-read report that displays retinal thickness and GCC thickness with normative comparisons. These metrics along with a high-resolution B-scan and symmetry analysis help you to identify the signs of retinal and optic nerve disease.

The iWellness scan is considered separate from the iVue and iScan medically-billable scans, so patients typically pay out-of-pocket creating a new stream of revenue for your practice. Optovue will train your staff on how to present the exam to patients and will also provide a practice marketing kit to help you make the most of this state-of-the-art technology.

At the end of the evaluation, you may purchase the system or return it to Optovue with no further obligation.

Which OCT systems are included in the program?

You may choose to evaluate an iVue, iFusion, or iScan system. Your Optovue representative will help you select the instrument that best meets the needs of your practice.

Available for U.S. customers only.

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