High Quality Imaging, Affordable, Easy Integration

iFusion combines the best of Spectral-Domain OCT and Fundus imaging by adding the powerful OCT capabilities of iVue and high quality imaging from iCam on a single, integrated, versatile platform that will add value to your practice.

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Save Time & Space for Practice Efficiency

iFusion enhances your practice efficiency by streamlining your workflow in evaluating the patient with OCT and fundus imaging at one compact instrument.

iCam + iVue = iFusion

Upgrade Option for More Flexibility

As your technology needs change, iFusion’s modularity provides you various upgrade pathways to choose from so that you can offer the latest in OCT and fundus imaging to your patients.

The Complete Retinal Imaging Solution

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“iFusion greatly enhances how we manage patients by allowing clinicians to combine high resolution retinal imaging with OCT data in order to understand better what’s going on in the retina. You get a much fuller visualization of the retina by combining the two modalities, exploiting the benefits of subtle color differences in retinal photography with the three dimensional rendering of OCT.”
Jorge A. Cuadros, OD, PhD, | Director of Clinical Infomatics Research, Optometry, University of California, Berkeley | Buena Vista Eyecare Group | San Jose, CA

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Table Specifications
Dimensions mm(in):
Width (W): 486 (19.1)
Length (L): 874 (34.4)
Height (H): 669-870 (26.3~34.3)

Weight: 36KG (79LB)