What is Your Eye Exam Missing?

Optovue OCT: Where Technology Meets Eye Health

Optovue's research, product development and clinical teams are dedicated to developing technology that helps doctors manage treatment options for patients suffering from ocular diseases. In just a few seconds our painless and non-invasive OCT and OCTA imaging scans can give your doctor a comprehensive view of your ocular health.


What is OCT Imaging?

This type of imaging visualizes the structures of your eye — from the front, or anterior segment, to the back, or retina. Your doctor may use OCT aid in diagnosing disease and managing your ocular health.


What is OCTA Imaging?

OCTA is the only non-invasive way for your physician to visualize the vascular structures of your retina.1 Previously the only way to visualize these blood vessels used fluorescein angiography, a lengthy procedure requiring injections of contrast dye associated with a wide range of side effects and limited imaging results.2 With AngioVue, high quality images are available in seconds, without the use of dye injections.

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2. Kwiterovich KA, Maguire MG, Mrphy RP, Schacat AP, Bressler NM, Bressler SB, et al. Frequency of adverse systemic reactions after fluorescein angiography. Results of a prospective study. Ophthalmology. 1991;98:1139-42.


What Are the Risks?

As with any medical technology, there are risks associated with its use. Because prolonged intense light exposure could damage the retina, the use of the device should not be prolonged unnecessarily. Additionally, while no acute optical radiation hazards have been identified for direct or indirect ophthalmoscopes, your doctor will want to ensure that the brightness setting is only set at the level needed to provide clear visualization of the target structures.


Ask Your Doctor for OCT + OCTA Imaging from Optovue

AngioVue is the OCTA technology you can trust: installed in hundreds of clinical sites worldwide and the subject of more scientific studies than any other system.


OCT Products

iWellness Exam

The iWellness scan is an easy-to-read report that displays the thickness of your retina and your ganglion cell complex as compared to a database of normal eyes. These metrics along with a high-resolution image and symmetry analysis help to identify if you are displaying the early signs of retinal disease or glaucoma.