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Senior SW Engineer - Data Acquisition and Controller Design

Senior SW Engineer - Data Acquisition and Controller Design


Minimum Requirements:

  1. Education: BS in Computer Science/Computer Engineering, MS or equivalent experience preferred.
  2. Experience: 5+ years of developing SW for medical devices, particularly controller design and high-speed data acquisition
  3. Deep hands-on understanding of tooling and calibration SW and track record of delivering such SW for medical products
  4. Ability to handle multiple challenging priorities and prioritize effectively in a dynamic environment.
  5. Extensive experience with control board, data acquisition boards, and port interfaces especially USB, etc.
  6. Relevant experience with controlling camera and data acquisition from camera.
  7. Proven ability to assure quality and safety of SW products.
  8. Experience with programming motor controller is a plus.
  9. Familiar with GPU CUDA programming or OpenCL is a plus.
  10. Familiar with multithreading programming is a plus.
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