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Cornea Advance

Anterior Segment OCT

  • Corneal B-Scan: Visualize and measure corneal cross sections.
  • Angle Scan: Visualize and measure angle parameters with quantification tools.
  • Pachymetry and Epithelial Thickness Maps (ETM): Quantify corneal thickness and track change over time.
  • Total Cornea Power (TCP): Calculate both the front and back surfaces of the cornea to enhance post-refractive IOL calculation for greater confidence in surgical outcomes.

Intelligent OCT Imaging for the Anterior Segment

Introducing Epithelial Thickness Mapping (ETM)

Optovue's exclusive epithelial thickness mapping is the first non-contact, quantitative measure of the corneal epithelium and stroma that helps you evaluate early ocular surface changes. Now you can examine the epithelial thickness profile to aid in the diagnosis of corneal disease and quantify stromal thickness in cross-linking patients.

Gain new information that may be added to the risk analysis for patients considering refractive surgery, and measure epithelial and stromal thickness after surgery to evaluate refractive surgery outcomes. Start your dry eye workup with new information on the epithelial thickness distribution.

Available on all of our OCT platforms.


Pre-Surgical Planning and Post-Operative Assessment

Cornea Advance enables visualization and quantification of anterior segment structures as well as epithelial, stromal and corneal thickness to aid in refractive surgery planning and post-operative care. The exclusive Total Cornea Power (TCP®) scan provides a precise calculation of the corneal power in post-refractive surgery patients by measuring both the front and back surfaces of the cornea.


Angle Assessment

Cornea Advance's angle scan enables quick visualization and quantification of the angles to aid in diagnosis and management of ocular disease.


Pachymetry Mapping

Easily evaluate corneal thickness and calculate change in thickness between visits.

Image courtesy of Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO.


Vault Mapping

Vault Mapping streamlines scleral lens fitting by enabling precise visualization and quantification of the lens vault over the central cornea and assessment of the superior, inferior, nasal and temporal landing zones.

Image courtesy of Adil El Maftouhi, OD


Cornea Advance Feature Availability
Cornea B-Scan Avanti Widefield OCT, iVue, iFusion & iScan OCT
Angle Scan Avanti Widefield OCT, iVue, iFusion & iScan OCT
Pachymetry Map Avanti Widefield OCT, iVue, iFusion & iScan OCT
Total Cornea Power Avanti Widefield OCT
Epithelial & Stromal Thickness Avanti Widefield OCT (9mm) iVue (6mm), iFusion OCT (6mm)

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Cornea Advance

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