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Wellness Solutions

Transform an Eye Exam with an OCT Scan

  • Gain Valuable Information to Aid in Diagnosis of Ocular Disease
  • Differentiate Your Practice and Retain Patients by Delivering a Higher Level of Care

Cutting Edge Eye Care

Extensive Eye Health Information Before You See the Patient

Optovue's Wellness Solutions give you one, easy-to-read report that displays retinal thickness and GCC thickness with normative comparisons. These metrics along with a high-resolution B-scan and symmetry analysis help you to identify the signs of retinal and nerve fiber disease.


Build Your Medical Practice

Wellness scanning is designed to reveal changes in retinal anatomy that may warrant further examination. These patients often need additional medical scans to assess their ocular health, and your practice can provide these with your Optovue OCT system.


Differentiate and Retain Patients

OCT Wellness Exams demonstrate your practice's commitment to eye health, which adds value to your patients' eye exams and sets you apart from other eye care professionals in your area. In addition, patients appreciate your concern for the health of their eyes and are compelled to return to your practice for their yearly eye exam.


Wellness Exams are available on all Optovue OCT systems.


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