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Optovue Announces DualTrac Motion Correction Technology for Faster, Improved Imaging

August 09, 2016

Company to Host Educational Symposium on OCT Angiography

FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 9, 2016 – Optovue, the global leader in the development of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and OCT angiography (OCTA), today announced the availability of DualTrac™ Motion Correction technology on the AngioVue™ Imaging System at the 34th Annual Scientific meeting of the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) in San Francisco (Booth #801).

DualTrac Motion Correction is a two-level approach to correcting motion artifact on patients who have difficulty focusing on a central visual point during an eye exam, which is essential for high-quality OCTA imaging.

According to David Sarraf, M.D., Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA, and his colleagues, DualTrac Motion Correction on the AngioVue system has improved the quality of images in most patients by correcting for naturally occurring motion artifact that result from blinking and involuntary eye movements called saccades.

"In my opinion, and based on my experience before and after installing the new tracking technology, the scans produce higher quality images, especially in patients with blinking that is not severe," said Dr. Sarraf. "Additionally, we have observed less motion artifact with small eye saccades. The DualTrac system allows patients to blink during image scanning and prevents multiple repeat scans, thereby facilitating the overall acquisition process in most patients."

Optovue also announced it will host an educational symposium* on Wed., Aug. 10, 6:30 pm at 111 Minna Gallery, featuring three industry experts who will present clinical findings on OCTA, the AngioVue System, and comparisons between OCTA vs. fluorescein angiography (FA) in daily clinical practice. Presenters will include Dr. Sarraf, Richard Rosen, M.D., with the New York Ear and Eye Infirmary of Mount Sinai, and Andre Romano, M.D., with the Vision Institute, Federal University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In addition, the company’s AngioVue OCTA technology will be highlighted in multiple ASRS 2016 scientific presentations. Optovue is the first company to develop and commercialize the pioneering OCTA technology. Utilizing light rays to form detailed three-dimensional images of the retina, physicians are able to quickly visualize the blood flow in the retina. The AngioVue System produces a single image, derived from OCT data, that complements FA, but with a number of advantages. Unlike FA, the AngioVue System does not require the use of dye injections, and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

"We are excited to bring to market groundbreaking technologies that provide valuable new, detailed information about the microvasculature of the eye, in a manner that reduces the burden for both the patient and the clinic staff," said Jay Wei, chief executive officer for Optovue. "DualTrac Motion Correction allows for improved imaging and quicker data collection to further the clinical utility of OCTA technology by accommodating natural eye movement."

About Optovue
Optovue, Inc. is a privately held medical device company founded in 2003. Headquartered in Fremont, Calif., the company is dedicated to the advancement and commercialization of high-speed OCT and OCTA technology used to facilitate the diagnosis and management of eye diseases, many of which may lead to permanent blindness. To date, there are over 100 peer-reviewed publications detailing the AngioVue Imaging System technology and clinical applications. Optovue has installed over 10,000 products worldwide and employs over 170 people. For more information, visit

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Amy Cook

*This program is not affiliated with ASRS.

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