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OCT Solutions

Extensive Clinical Utility

Optovue OCT has a broad range of applications in today's eye care practices. OCT technology generates high-resolution, cross-sectional and three-dimensional (3D) images of the retina, optic disc and anterior segment, to give you valuable information that aids in the diagnosis and management of a range of ocular diseases.


Diverse Views of the Retina

In addition to cross-sectional images of retinal tissue, Optovue OCT systems include dense 3D cubes of data that can be dissected to visualize individual retinal layers in an en face view, and thickness maps with normative comparison. With this information, you gain new insights into the health of the retina to increase diagnostic confidence and measure your patient's response to treatment.


In-Depth Analysis of Nerve Fiber Layer Structures

OCT technology is transforming the way physicians assess nerve fiber layer thickness, ganglion cell complex thickness, and a range of parameters on the optic disc. Optovue OCT systems utilize advanced software to provide extensive analysis of optic disc structures in simple, easy-to-read reports.


Anterior Segment

Anterior segment OCT further expands the role of OCT in clinical practice and gives you the ability to visualize cross sections of the cornea, see and measure corneal angles, measure and track corneal thickness over multiple visits, and calculate IOL powers in post-refractive surgery patients.


Improve Patient Care

OCT gives you and your practice state-of-the-art tools to aid in diagnosing and caring for your patients with ocular disease. In fact, OCT has become indispensable to many of today's eye care practices, and clinicians worldwide are finding they do not want to practice without it.

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OCT Products

iVue80 & iFusion80

All of the Clinical Features You Need Built on a User-friendly Platform Your Technicians Will Love

iVue80 is a comprehensive OCT platform that gives you retinal, optic nerve and anterior segment imaging capabilities as well as the exclusive Wellness scan. iVue80 can be paired with the new high-resolution iCam12 fundus camera to create iFusion80, a space-saving, all-in-one imaging system.

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The OCT Platform with Premier Clinical Capabilities Created for Today's Comprehensive Practice

The Avanti Widefield OCT embodies the latest technology in retinal, optic nerve and anterior segment OCT imaging to deliver unprecedented views and in-depth analysis of ocular structures. This state-of-the-art system is also the platform for AngioVue OCT Angiography, giving you the flexibility to add functional imaging capability at any time.

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Simplicity in Operation: The OCT That Practically Runs Itself

Simply put, the iScan is the system that makes OCT easy. This unique platform automatically aligns the camera to capture a scan, talks the patient through the entire exam and completes image acquisition with minimal intervention from your technicians. With iScan, your technicians can multi-task to keep the patient flow moving, while providing the advanced imaging services.

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