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The OCT That Practically Runs Itself

  • Gain New Information on Ocular Structures with the Touch of a Button
  • NEW Pupil Alignment Technology Makes Scan Acquisition Quick and Easy
  • Fit iScan80's Space-Saving Design into Any Practice Setting
  • Enhance Your Eye Health Exam and Generate New Revenue with the Exclusive iWellness Scan
Scan Speed80KA-Scan/Second
Scan Range Depth2 - 2.3Millimeters (Retina)

Simplicity in Operation

Fully-Featured OCT Made Easy

iScan80 OCT offers all of the scans available on a traditional OCT with the added benefit of simplified operation. Scan acquisition is as easy as positioning the patient with the assistance of iScan80's Pupil Alignment Technology, choosing the scan and pushing start. iScan80 performs all of the focus and alignment operations while talking the patient through the entire exam. With iScan80, your office staff will want to run the OCT.


Space Saving Design

iScan80 is a tabletop system that is approximately the same size as a desktop computer, so any practice can find space for the system. iScan80 also features quick plug-and-play installation, making it a truly portable OCT system.


Exclusive iWellness Scan

Take a new approach to protecting your patients' eye health with the iWellness Exam, available only from Optovue. This quick and easy scan gives you a detailed look at the health of your patient's retina and ganglion cell complex with robust normative comparison, to help you identify signs of disease before they may be noticeable on clinical exam. And because the iWellness scan is separate from the iScan80 medically-billable scans, it provides a new revenue stream for the practice.


Flexible Scan Packages

iScan80 is available in two configurations to give you flexibility in incorporating OCT. iScan80 Essential offers the iWellness scan as well as basic retina and glaucoma scans for practices who are new to OCT technology. For practices seeking a fully-featured system, iScan80 Comprehensive provides iWellness along with all of the retina, optic disc and anterior segment scans available on the iVue system. The iScan80 Essential system can be upgraded to iScan80 Comprehensive at any time.


"OCT technology continues to evolve our understanding of the eye and the quality of care that we deliver to our patients. The iScan revolutionizes the way we think about OCT because of its ease of use and the speed of image acquisition. It makes OCT technology available to everyone, regardless of practice mode." Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO
OCT Image: 80,000 A-scan/second
Depth Resolution (in tissue): 5.0 μm
Traverse Resolution: 15 μm (retina)
Scan Range
Depth: 2 - 2.3mm (retina)
Scan Beam Wavelength: 840nm (+/-10nm)
OCT Fundus Image (En Face)
FOV: (H) 21° x (V) 21°
Minimum Pupil diameter: 2.0mm
External Image (Live IR) FOV: 13mm x 8mm
Dimensions (in.) (W) 19.81 x (L) 15.83 x (H) 17.82
Weight (lb.) 42.94

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